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We believe sound Financial Planning should be based on 7 Financial Disciplines.

This maxim is certainly true regarding finances – “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

  • Do you plan to transfer your assets after you die? Do you establish appropriate documents to protect your assets? Do you implement strategies to reduce your tax burden?
  • Do you secure your family income with affordable policies? Do you save a portion of your income for expected and unexpected expenses? Do you spend below your means to intentionally spend for your dreams?
  • Do you plan for a long-term retirement? Do you manage your retirement risks? Do you preserve your capital to outperform you?

These questions and many more are addressed at Access Financial Group with a comprehensive Financial Planning approach.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning allows you to determine where you are now financially, and where you need to be in the days ahead.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the creation of a definitive plan that manages your wealth while you are alive, and details the appropriate distribution of your assets after your death.


Risk Management

Risk Management is a sound financial plan that includes protection from the risk of potential financial devastation, and focuses on the primary concerns of Estate Preservation and Income Replacement.


Cash Management

Cash Management provides a sensible financial plan.


Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning incorporates three distinct, disciplined, and systematic phases.


Tax Strategies

The taxation of various investment products can have significant impact on your accounts net benefit.


Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is the selective placement of your investable resources into goal-focused investments. AFG will assist you in your selections and tailor your investment strategies around your objectives.


Access Financial Planning Tools

Revocable Living Trust, Living Will, Advance Directive, Power of Attorney, Term Life Insurance, IRA (Rollover, ROTH, Traditional) Money Market, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETF, Annuity, 529 Plans